Marietta Family Photographer | Let Them be Little

When I graduated college in south Georgia, I became a Marietta Family Photographer. I went to college with Hillary and Brannen so meeting their two little boys was so fun. Their oldest Braxton was actually named using Hillary’s maiden name which is just so neat. Unfortunately, it was quite overcast for the day but Brax had been sick and was finally feeling better so Hillary thought it would be great to get him out of the house so he can play a little. And that’s exactly what we did.

Hillary and the boys are wearing outfits from my client closet. This is probably one of my favorite dresses!

As a Marietta family Photographer, the best service I can provide to my clients is taking all the stress off their hands. Hillary opted to wear a dress from my curated collection of beautiful dresses all of my clients have access to. I asked Hillary if she had a color preference and she choose neutrals. I picked out a few dress options for momma and matched outfits for the babies.

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